Top 10 Inspirational Quotes By Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das
Gaur Gopal Das

Apart from being an ardent propagator of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Gaur Gopal Das is a much celebrated public speaker.

Best 10 Inspirational Quotes By Gaur Gopal Das

The former Hewlett Packard employee, who decided to commit his life to preach spirituality to the youth, joined ISKCON back in 1996. Today, he has a large number of devoted followers. His enriching philosophical speeches are a wonderful blend of humor and logical reasoning.

Here are 10 of the most popular inspirational sayings of Gaur Gopal Das –

1. One of the best quotes of this spiritual monk compares the happiness of our lives with that of a beautiful butterfly. According to him, when a butterfly flies around us we feel tempted to catch and it seems that it is so very close to us.


The butterfly circulates its beauty thus by flying around us, but owing to our selfish human mind, we want to capture its beauty and make the butterfly our possession. He says if we don’t try to own it, it might stay longer around us captivating us with its beauty.

This is what happens when we forcefully long for happiness. But if we stop expecting and leave things on their own, happiness will eventually pave its way to our lives soon.

2. Often human beings are torn between faith and doubt. These two although counterparts stay together in every situation of human lives. He feels that in order to lead a happy and content life. We should choose the right one between these two.

Faith is the greatest power bestowed to us by the universe, and if we continue to strengthen it, doubt will evaporate. Thus feeding faith will make us stronger and will kill all traces of suspicion and uncertainty from our lives.

3. According to him, we thrive for wealth and luxury forgetting about the impoverished world. Owning a Gucci suit will surely make us look all envious among our peers but it lacks the potential to owe us major satisfaction. However, helping others or feeding the poor will earn us satisfaction in form of their gratitude.

4. One of his famous Motivational quote remarks that the key of our life should be completely positive in nature. Often we fail to perform excellently in our life anticipating about the worse. Doing that, we are inviting negativity accompanied by a failure in our lives. Even if life challenges us, we should not forget to overcome it by staying positive.

5. In every organization or residence, the presence of a leader is mandatory. Contrary to the belief, the leader’s job is not to dominate others by their words. If he/she expects a certain change in attitude from any of their members then he should work to bring that change.

Gaur Gopal Das
Gaur Gopal Das

A leader should always be on the lookout for guiding the ones he is responsible for by sharing his wisdom and experience.

6. This is another quote of the inspirational monk dedicated to multinational companies. According to him, the company should change the term of Human Resource management to Human Asset Management.

That is to say, the organization should value human as assets of their organization instead of mere ways of earning money. This way, the employees would be valued and they would also be motivated to be at their best. And also, guiding employees towards their better future while they are working for you would be a good deed to make them remember you.

7. One of the most popular inspirational quotes for success which he continues to share with the youth of today is to how to deal with failure. According to his suggestion, failures are bound to come in every human’s life.


And without failure, we cannot taste the ambrosia of success. But we should first learn how to digest failures better because without doing so you would not be able to convert it into success. If you are strong enough to not let failure weaken your determination, success will reach you eventually.

8. During one of his public speeches, he introduced and explained the term ‘oxymoron’ to dissolve doubts regarding our work lives. As you might know, oxymoron refers to the conjunctive relation between two words which are contradictory in nature.

For example, pretty ugly and ‘happily married’ which he made up on his own. Likewise, he said that ‘business ethics’ is one oxymoron which can you say is abstract in nature. What he tried to convey was that presumably there is no existence of ethics in any business and vice versa.

9. One of his Spiritual quotes requires us to earn, keeping our morals upright, and then spend the earnings following the ideals of compassion. Doing that we can ensure a systematic and enriching work environment.

Earning and spending, when done to extract as much as you can only for yourself. Leads to a complete waste towards everyone you are sharing your planet with. This way, your work will interest you in new ways every day.

10. According to the monk, every one of us owns the potential to be a leader. But the ones who are not interested to incite the potential. But to own credit for driving employees under them can only turn into great managers, but not leaders. A good leader will not work to secure his job but to trigger the force in young minds.

Gaur Gopal Das possesses a magical ability that influences his listeners to delve deep into their minds to identify their problems and resolve it by themselves.