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krishna aarti

Aarti is a common part of puja and a ritual which is performed at the end of aarti. Every puja concludes with an aarti and this aarti is sung in the deity praise. 

Aarti is considered to be of special importance in worship in Hinduism. It is believed that aarti performed with true mind and devotion is very beneficial. There are some rules of performing Aarti which should be followed. Worshiping God brings peace to the mind and satisfaction to the soul. There is so much power in worship and meditation that it can fulfill all the wishes. The worship of God with a sincere mind removes the worries and makes us feel an infinite peace. But the worship of God during worship is not complete until the aarti of God is done. In scriptures, the special importance of Aarti in worship has been told. The praise offered during Aarti purifies the mind and atmosphere.

Glory of Aarti

If a person does not know the mantra, does not know the method of worship but does the aarti, then God accepts his worship completely. Aarti has religious significance as well as scientific significance. Performing aarti daily in the morning with sur-taal is also beneficial for health. By singing, the system of the body becomes active and it gives immense energy. Blood circulation is balanced. Aarti plate consists of cotton, ghee, camphor, flowers, sandalwood. Cotton is pure cotton. There is no adulteration in this. Similarly, ghee is also the basic element of milk. Camphor and sandalwood are also pure and sattvic substances. When ghee and camphor wick are lit with cotton, a wonderful aroma spreads to the atmosphere. This causes the negative energy in the surrounding environment to run away and positive energy starts circulating in the atmosphere. 

Importance of Aarti

  • The importance of Aarti is first discussed in “Skanda Purana”.
  • Aarti is an extremely important function of the worship tradition of Hinduism.
  • Aarti of Gods and Goddesses is done at the end of any Puja-paath, Yajna, ritual.
  • In the process of Aarti, in a plate, keep the flame and some special things and rotate it in front of God.
  • Keeping different items on the plate has different importance.
  • But the most important thing is the praise sung with Aarti. It is believed that the aarti sung with bhawna is more effective.

Rules for performing Aarti

  • Aarti cannot be done only without worship, chanting mantras, prayers or bhajans.
  • It is always best to perform Aarti only at the end of any worship or prayer.
  • In the Aarti plate, Deepak can be lit either with camphor or ghee lamp.
  • If you do Aarti with a Deepak, then it should be Panchmukhi.
  • Keep pooja flowers and kumkum with it.
  • Turn the aarti plate in such a way that the shape of ॐ can be formed.
  • Aarti should rotate at the feet of God four times, twice in the navel, once on the face and seven times on the entire body.

If you are the bhagat of bhagwan Shri Krishna then you should enchant the name of Krishna every morning, every day or on Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna Aarti Krne se aapki sabhi manokamna poorn hogi. 

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3- Main Aarti Teri Gau O Keshav Kunj Bihari

4- Sneh Bihari Ji Ki Aarti

5- Main Aarti Teri Gaon

6- Hey Gopal Krishna Karoon Aarti Teri

7- Aarti of Radha Krishna

8- Om Jai Shri Krishn Hare

9- Krishna Chalisa, Aarti

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