Best 5 Guru Ji ke Bhajan | 5 सबसे अच्छे गुरूजी के भजन।

guruji ke bhajan

Take the blessings of guruji by listening and remembering to the guruji mantra and guruji ke bhajan. Many of you have a question in your mind: who is Guruji? Guruji is a power, an incarnation of God, he is our saviour, our father who came on earth to enlighten humanity and to bless us. He has the power to change our life and to lessen our sufferings. Guruji’s doors are open for all whether you are rich or poor, black or white; people of all religions and all professions can seek his blessings and become a happy personality. If you are in the presence of Guru ji then you are definitely a lucky one. Guruji simply cures suffering and pain, he is an experience who heals with the ocean of power & love.

There is no dearth of saints and mahatmas in our country. There are many times more devotees present here than the saint-Mahatma. Our country has been honoring saints and saints for centuries and they are seen with a very special view. Since today we are living in modern times and today science has made a lot of progress. But even after this, respect and loyalty remains among the saints and saints. It is not that the greatness of these people has remained since ancient times, but they have to build their greatness then people are attracted towards them and are devoted to them. There are some similar supernatural and divine abilities “Guruji”, who is said to have been born on this earth only to bless and make humanity aware.

Guruji was born on 7 July 1954 in Dugri village of Malerkotla district of Punjab. His early education was initiated in and around Dugari village. He did all the school and college from here and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science. Let me tell you that he had become attached to spirituality from his childhood and as time passed, this attachment started coming out in him. People were attracted to him and started coming to his shelter. Guruji’s reputation had reached a peak. The special thing was that Guruji did not give any discourse like any other great sages and mahatmas, nor did he give any shloka. But even after this, his popularity continued to grow even more.

It was only his devotees that enhanced his fame and his reputation as well. Devotees say that whenever they went near Guruji, they always felt a different kind of ‘fragrance’ as if there was a rose garden somewhere nearby. By going close to him, half of the problems of his devotees were resolved on their own. If Guruji had anything special, it was his unshakable faith. In order to meet the devotees and find a solution to their problem, Guruji never expressed any desire or expectation of any kind of wealth or money etc. from anyone during his lifetime. Perhaps this is the reason why people used to call him ‘Kalyan karta’ Guruji.

Guruji has always said that his blessings are always with his devotees and not only for this birth but even after birth. People from very simple to high families and people of any religion and caste have been seen with equal eye in Guruji’s court. Everyone has received equal blessings from Guruji. Unlike everyone else, Guruji never declared anyone as his successor. He said that there is no successor to “divinity” and he is always connected with his devotees. Later on 31 May 2007, Guruji took Mahasamadhi and joined all the devotees in divine form in mortal form.

Let me tell you, Guruji’s ashram is a few kilometers inside Chhatarpur in Delhi, where thousands of devotees arrive every day to visit. People from poor to VIP are followers of Guruji. If you are thinking of going to Guruji’s ashram, then first reach Chhatarpur by metro, auto, bus or by your personal vehicle. After that you can reach their ashram by reserving or auto sharing. Everyone is aware of Guruji’s ashram and there is an auto line to go there.

Guruji ke bhajan opens the doors of kripa for you and you will feel more peaceful and blessed. So explore the list of beautiful guruji bhajan, guruji hit songs, and guruji ashram videos just right below here. Here in this article we bring you the best 5 guru ji ke bhajan and guruji videos. Let’s have a look:

1- मेरा सुखी रहे परिवार गुरु जी ! Mera Sukhi Rahe Pariwar Guru Ji Kirpa karo ! Superhit Guru Ji Bhajan

2- गुरु जी का एक और खूबसूरत भजन || Kar Kirpa Mehra De Saiyaan || कर किरपा मेहरा दे साईया #GuruJi

3- Jai Guru Jap Lo Subah Sham | Guru Ji New Bhajan | Tara Devi | Guru Ji

4- Satgur Daya Kare || Guruji Bhajans || Guruji World of Blessings

5- इस भजन को सुनने से गुरु जी की कृपा अवश्य प्राप्त होगी | He Gurudev Pranaam Aapke Charno Mein

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