9 People Sharing Their Biggest Regrets In Life Proves That We Always Learn From Our Mistakes

Biggest Regrets In Life Proves That We Always Learn From Our Mistake
Biggest Regrets In Life Proves That We Always Learn From Our Mistake

Our lives are defined by the choices we make. While trying to stay ahead in the rat race, we take decisions and hope to stay contented with what we have chosen. Most of us lead our lives conforming to the rules of our society.

People Are Sharing Their Life’s Biggest Regrets:

In our effort to live the perfect life many a time we miss out on the things that really could have made us happy. Finally, we are left with regrets that stay with us until the end of our lives. Thus most our Regrets in Life involve the things we did not do, rather than the things we did.

Some Reddit users spoke about some of their biggest Regrets in Life in a heartbreaking thread. Their success stories teach us that all of us have something to learn from our mistakes so that we can leave the material world with fewer regrets and lead a fulfilled life. Let’s know nine of such stories and see if we can relate to them.

  • “I wish I had spent more time with my children”.

Some of the worst mistakes in life are us not giving enough time to our families and getting too engrossed in our work. This man wishes he could have spent more time with his children instead of coming home late from work every night. He also regrets not taking more vacations with them. He confesses that his workaholic nature created a wall between him and his children.

  • “I wish I had traveled more”.

With our busy lives and priorities, we cannot make time to explore the beauty that our earth is. This man has the regret of not traveling more when he had time. Now suffering from a terminal illness, he can hardly get up from his bed. His depressing story makes us realize that life is too short to be occupied with work all the time. Maybe we should just let go of our worries sometimes, travel the world and make beautiful memories.  

  • “I wish I had the courage to convey my feelings to the love of my life”.

One of the most common regrets of many people in the world is not being able to express their feelings to their beloved. In fact, most of the regret quotes also speak of the same! This man wishes he could have expressed his feelings to his one true love when they were together. Now years and miles apart, he can only lament on his lack of courage at that time.

  • “I wish I had never misbehaved with my parents.”

Our parents try to provide us with everything within their capacity to keep us happy. But do we always treat them the best? This man wishes he never misbehaved with his parents when he was a teenager. Now a father himself, he understands all the sacrifices the parents have to make to bring up their children.

sons with father
sons with father
  • “If only I had not wasted my time in my addiction”.

Harmful addictions have ruined many dreams and families. This boy wishes he could have recovered from his addiction sooner to enjoy the beautiful gift of life. Now sober, he is trying to pick up the pieces and make the most of what is left.

  • “I should have been brave enough to come out of an abusive relationship”.

Sometimes we struggle to make a relationship last with sacrifices and compromises. But we should know where to draw a line. This woman regrets not getting out of an abusive relationship and keeping up with the mental and physical torment until it was too late. She wishes she could have stood up to her perpetrator sooner.

  • “I should have said sorry to my best friend while I still had time”.

Sometimes we hurt the people who love us but we should always mend our mistakes while we still have time. This girl made the mistake of not saying sorry to her best friend while she still had time and thus lost a true friend. She wishes she could have said sorry to her and mended their differences before they lost all contact and became strangers.

  • “I cared too much about other’s opinion and could never be truly happy”.

How many times have we truly listened to our hearts without thinking what others think of us? One man also made the same mistake of valuing other people’s opinions over his own and led an unfulfilled and unhappy life. He could never be his true-self trying to fit the society’s criteria of being the ideal.

  • “I wish I was not stuck in a job that I hate and pursued my true passion”.

A job that we do not love can suffocate us and make us depressed. This girl regrets being unable to quit the job she hates. She wishes she could take up painting, her true passion and be happier. Although her job at the bank pays her bills, her real passion remains unexplored in the process.

job passion
job passion


All their stories make us realize that our lives are too short to live with so many regrets. We should seize the moments and try to make the most of what we have at present. So laugh more, love with all you have and do not hold a grudge. A life may not always be perfect but it should be the happiest.