Hope for Success of Life by Gaur Gopal Das

Hope for Success of Life by Gaur Gopal Das
Hope for Success of Life by Gaur Gopal Das

According to Gour Gopal Das, the correct way can guarantee successes in everyone’s lives, irrespective of gender. Each and every speech of his is attended by a large number of devotees. At the end of his enchanting speech remains spellbound.

Gour Gopal Das Story: Hope for Success of Life

After leaving his high salaried job of Hewlett Packard Gaur Gopal Das decided to shed off his materialistic demands and went on to become associated with ISCON as a disciplinary monk. Perhaps, the thing which triggers his connection to the minds of his follower. The way he is interacting with them by presenting solutions of simple struggles of human lives.

He delivers speeches to enliven the spirituality within the hearts of today’s youngsters who only have an eye for worldly stuff. Truly a living legend, he received Rotary International’s Super Achiever in the year 2016 for his outstanding contribution into the field of spirituality.

He has penned down 3 books to share his enriching wisdom with all the folks named ‘revival, ‘conquest’ and ‘checkmate’.

Apart from being a great speaker, he is also commended for motivating his followers with the aid of highly relatable instances and stories based on real life. He adds a subtle amount of humor remarking his Spiritual quotes so to spot happy faces in the crowd.

Gaur Gopal Das travels around the world in several schools, colleges as well as organizations. He inspires masses and helps them acknowledge the simple joys of their lives. Often to circulate the positivity and morality. That is trivial elements in everyone’s lives he takes the aid of simple stories.

According to him, when preaching and wisdom are shared via stories, you are all ears and thus you can relate it to your life completely.

Gaur Gopal Das: The story about the missing goat

Here is a Motivational story for success, shared by the inspirational monk who is also an electrical engineer by profession.  The story goes like this, once a group of mischievous schoolboys decided to play some pranks.

Gaur Gopal Das
Gaur Gopal Das

They untied 3 goats which belonged to a nearby farm and painted the numbers, 1, 2 and 4. Since the goats were untied they roamed around freely.  During the next day in school, everyone was perturbed due to an unpleasant odor whose source was some fecal remains found in the compound of the school.

Although the school authorities decided to clean it up the first day, when this became a regular thing, they ordered for investigation. Upon a series of follow-ups, it was found that the goats are the ones who excrete leading to the fouls smell.

Search parties were sent from the school to find the goats and have them returned to their owner. Within the next few days, the authorities managed to find all the 3 goats marked 1, 2 and 4.

The problem was solved but still they continued with their search of getting their hands on goat number 3, which they did not realize did not exist.

Now alike most you must not have realized that he compared the monotonous features of the human brain with the goat number 3. Often we fail to realize that we might possess some unique qualities new to others. So, we should not judge ourselves or let someone judge based on the absence of these qualities.

Most of the times we are coerced into showing an interest in owning these attributes. We overlook sharpening our inbuilt qualities. According to Das, feeding the faith within yourself will aid in bringing happiness to your life and the ones around you by elucidating doubt.

Owning a Lamborghini cannot make you happy for any longer

One of the best inspirational quotes by Gaur Gopal Das encourages everyone to look beyond satisfaction owed from materialistic stuff. In his story, he discussed one of his interaction with a celebrity friend in time of the latter’s distress.

One day the monk received a call from a celebrity friend. He wanted to keep his name a secret, and thus naming him Mr. B. The call was regarding a request offered to him to conduct ‘ pagala’ which means offering blessings to a possession in Gujarati.

Lamborghini cannot make you happy for any longer
Lamborghini cannot make you happy for any longer

Basically, it is a popular ritual in India where monks are requested to offer their divine. They are blessings to ensure good fortune. Das agreed to meet him at a temple premise at a prescheduled time.

As per the conversation, Mr. B came to pick up das at his exquisite yellow Lamborghini. After going out for a ride, das requested Mr. Big to drop him back at the temple. During this, Mr. B couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into tears.

Upon consoling him, he told Das that he was going through a major family crisis. His wife is demanding a divorce from him and while he is trying hard to sort things out. He thinks his wife will eventually leave him.

An apt conclusion to this story is even though Mr. B has every riches of this world and makes everyone envious by flaunting his Lamborghini he cannot hide his tears.

According to Gaur Gopal das, what is the requirement of a posh Lamborghini when all you are not happy in your life?

Probably his best quote is the one which says the poorest people are those who only have money and nothing else. In order to contemplate how much riches you own to see how many hands reach to wipe your tears.