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How to Control Stress, Anxiety and Misery? - Wise Words of Sadhguru

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 28 May 2019 / In Spiritual

Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Misery are becoming common words in our day to day life, but they are not just words, these are actually terms that haunt many people. Anxiety and Stress are engulfing people at a higher rate than ever before, 21 st century although is great for development and growth both economic and personal and evolution of people as well. Now a day, the mind set of an average human being is concerned with having more stuff to experience, taking up new stuff and dealing on with as many new adventures as possible. These changes although have proven useful to some extents but they have also posed out certain side effects as well, and the disorders of anxiety, stress, depression and misery are among them.
While people are moving towards a more self oriented psychology the thoughts of happiness are decreasing, anxiety which was considered mostly Europe's peril is now engulfing the whole planet and who is to blame for this? Well, no one other than ourselves.
So, how can one cope up from the clutches of anxiety and depression? How can one focus on addressing the needs of our soul? This is what Sadhguru is telling in this video

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