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The importance and significance of Kumbh Mela by Sadhguru

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 09 Jan 2019 / In Spiritual

An auspicious gathering, Kumbh Mela is one among the foremost celebrated fairs where devotees from across the world come to achieve religious clarity and wash out sins by bathing at the holy Triveni Sangam, Prayag Raj. And amid the happy sights of miracles performed by Sadhus adorned in saffron. At any given place, the Kumbh Mela is held once in twelve years. there's a difference of around three years between the Kumbh Melas at Haridwar and Nashik; the fairs at Nashik and Ujjain are celebrated within the same year or one year apart. the precise date is set, as per Vikram Samvat calendar and also the principles of Jyotisha, per a combination of zodiac positions of the Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon. according to medieval Hinduism, Lord Vishnu dropped drops of Amrita the drink of immortality at four places, while transporting it in a kumbha. These four places are known as the present day sites of the Kumbh Mela. The name "Kumbh Mela" literally means that "kumbha fair". Kumbh in Sanskrit stands for a pitcher or pot, wherever the Amrit was kept as per the Hindu Mythology, thus the fair got its name as Kumbh Mela.
Sadhguru explains the importance of the mystic Kumbh Mela.

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