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Overcome The Fear of Being Judged – Spiritual Talks by Sadhguru

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 18 May 2019 / In Spiritual

All of us live in a world where either knowingly or unknowingly our actions are greatly influenced by the fact that how wills others perceive it? Whether we perform some action or take even a small step, always a thought comes to our mind is that how will others react to this? How will people take this action of mine? How the people around will will be affected by this act? And many a times, we decide to drop something just because of the fact that others will think little of me if I do this, if I do that people may start to distance them from me. So, ultimately we take up the options, that do not please us, but the actions that we presume will allow others not to judge us. We live in a constant fear of judgment and once it starts affecting our actions, then the vices of anger and guilt are added up, thus increasing the imbalance in our life.
So, should we constantly live in a fear of being judged by others? Or should we quit our fear of being judged and do whatever we were going to do anyway? Sadhguru answers this question in this video.

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