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Importance of Satsang in Life | Why Satsang Is Important? | Significance of Satsang

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 31 May 2019 / In Satsang

Satsang, many people especially the older generations are drawn towards it. But, many a people who are either too busy with their duties and house hold chores or services or business often ignore such stuff. Also, teenagers and children often ignore these deeds, thinking they are less important or don't even think about it. But, Satsang is important to everyone, Satsang is important in this life, to get a good and comfortable after life. Those who do good deeds, respect others, help the poor, needy and the under privileged often end up in heaven, but the cruel people who do not abide by the rules of nature often end up hurting themselves in the afterlife.
But, what is actually Satsang? Is it all about sitting in front of the almighty God and singing hymns in praise? Often the reality is that one must do good deeds to gain the true benefits of Satsang, while praying to the almighty and singing hymns in praise help you achieve a peaceful and calm mind, helping the under privileged or needy add up to your good deeds.
So, why is Satsang so important in life? What is its significance in a person’s life, we find answers to these questions, in this video

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