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It is you who chooses in Life

Purvi Aggarwal
Published on 02 Apr 2020 / In Inspirational

It is so important to understand that we are all making choices all the time, even when we chose not to choose we have still made a choice. It is our choices that determine our experiences. The choices we are making today will show up in our experiences in the future.

Unless we are willing to take full responsibility for ourselves and the choices we make, we have no control over our lives. We have been given all the power to create our experiences through our choices, but if we believe that outside forces are responsible for our choices we give away all the power we have.

Sometimes making the right choice or even knowing how to choose is very difficult, but it is vitally important to understand that you are in charge of your own life if you chose to think for yourself. If you chose not to take charge, you will experience the consequences of that choice, and simply be blown about by life like a leaf in the

It is very easy to see how people have been programmed to believe things that are not true or in their best interest. Things that they know, on some level, are not true, but they have decided not to think for themselves or act on their own inner knowledge. We are all connected to universal intelligence, and deep within each of us is the knowledge that we need to understand anything that we need to know. However, many times we are not strong enough to access that knowledge.

It is we who choose in life!!

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