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How to screw the PRIME YEARS of your Life | Akash Gautam | Motivational Speaker for Youth & Stud

Published on 10 Dec 2019 / In Motivational

Most people in their prime years do not realize the TRAPS they are getting into. In this Video ‘How to screw the PRIME YEARS of your Life’ Akash Gautam will help you SEE things; which others do not see CLEARLY. Yes! You read it right. The many ways to screw your lives. So, do you check all the boxes as per the video? Watch to find out!

Akash Gautam is a Top motivational speaker for youth and students in India. He regularly gets invited as a Celebrity Speaker at TEDx, Top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Lucknow & others), IITs, XLRI, MDI, SRCC & other Top Colleges in India.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for youth and college events, someone to add the much needed zing to your college fests or just someone to super motivate your students to find that superb kick in life, do get in touch with Akash at

Akash has been doing this for 18+ years now. He has been invited to some of the best corporate boardrooms and college fests across India. To know more about his work, as a Motivational Speaker in Hindi visit:

To stay in touch with Akash Gautam over social media, visit:


A little about the video:

“When I do the right things, the right things will happen to me.”
As a Motivational Speaker for Youth and College students, in this video Akash Gautam tries to debunk some common myths about the misguided efforts of today’s youth in trying to calm and compose themselves.

It’s a video on relationship issues. Akash discusses in much funny detail, in his usual style of sarcasm and humor, how the youngsters are becoming addicted to relationships and how they can fight it by setting the right goals and priorities in their lives. He urges the young people in the audience to be more focused on the time at hand to be achievers, be creative, to dream big and thing big, to not fitter away their very youthful and energetic time in things that do not matter, and to focus on developing their own selves at the moment.

It is also a funny motivational video on managing addictions to technology and entertainment, especially mobile phones and watching TV or Netflix, prime, etc. Akash urges his audience to form better habits and build more substance instead of wasting time on things that do not help them progress, build great careers, or realize their full potential.

And he says all of it in the funniest possible ways! Do check out the video here:

For more such inspirational videos, subscribe to Akash Gautam’sYoutube channel here:

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