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3 specialties of Human life ? || Motivational Video || Raseshwari Devi ji || Sanatan Question- 7

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

As a spiritual seeker, dives deep into this ocean of knowledge, Raseshwari Devi ji is that guiding light who highlights the rightest path to attain the pearls of philosophy through her practical explanations.

With the previous episodes, Poojniya Deviji made us understand various emotions that affect our soul and how we must be alert and aware of our true aim. While we understood the real form of happiness we must strive for, her holiness also guided us to unpleasant feelings and our miseries. She also pointed to how absence of happiness in leading a life leads to saddening causes like suicide.

In this episode, she presents the specialties of a Human being. It is God's great blessing to take birth as a human. Her holiness, Raseshwari Devi ji presents important reasons why one must celebrate this God's gift and tread through the path to attain ultimate happiness. Watch till the end, to understand why we are a special species!!

Dear loving followers, we would be thrilled to hear from you which episode so far did beneficiate you in your day to day lives. Leave a comment below, and share us your favourite Sanatan Question episode with #SantanQuestion.


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