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14th Feb Happy Gopi Prem Day Message by Raseshwari Devi Ji || Braj Gopika Seva Mission

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

14th Feburary is celebrated all over the world as "Valentine Day" or "Rose Day". Our Gurudev Jagadguru Swami Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has named it as "Gopi Prem Day" as Gopis of Braj are the embodiment of selfless divine love.
Sri Narad Ji, in His Narad Bhakti Darshan states,

अनिर्वचनीयं प्रेमस्वरूपम्।
anirvachaneeyam prem svaroopam.

Love - a feeling which cannot be described!

Our beloved Guru ji, Bhaktiyograsavatar, Jagadguruttam Swami Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, the Fifth Original Jagadguru of this age, teaches us the secret of this Divine Love. -


To find Happiness only in the Happiness of Beloved Sri Krishna who is Param Priyatam, Poornatam, Purushottam!

And such Love, Sri Narad Ji, the Acharya of Bhakti, proclaims in His Narad Bhakti Darshan, is found in the Braj Gopis:

यथा ब्रजगोपिकानाम्।
yatha Brajgopikanaam

And that is why, Shri Maharaj Ji has lovingly, as a tribute to the Braj Gopis, rechristened this day as *Gopi Prem Day*.

On this day, Poojaniya Raseshwari Deviji has explained beautifully the difference between real love and love full of selfish desires.

Watch video till the end to know the meaning of true love.

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