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Why Does Wrong Happen To Good People? | Importance of Karma and Destiny in Life

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 15 May 2019 / In Satsang

People often say that bad things happen to good people always. However the reality is slightly different here, from what we think, the reality is that whatever happens to us happens because of our actions and our deeds. Whatever goes around eventually comes around to us. Whatever stuff one does, he faces the counter actions of their deeds only. Whatever thoughts comes to one’s mind, guide how will the person will behave and act with the situations that they are facing. What a person does eventually defines that what will happen to him or her. The thoughts that come to our minds, the actions we do, the words we speak our eventually, the energy that goes from one person to the surroundings, this energy is known as KARMA. And on the other hand all the thoughts, actions and deeds that return to us eventually from the surroundings and the world in the form of a receiving energy is known as DESTINY.
The two pillars of Karma and Destiny, eventually defines a person’s actions and life. Karma and Destiny, can be controlled very easily and thus all the things that happen to a person. In this video, we tell you about the Importance of Karma and Destiny in life.

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