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Sri Rama's Life - A Lesson in Inner Management by Sadhguru

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 24 Dec 2018 / In Satsang

Sadhguru looks at how Rama’s life is relevant today, an example of how a person can remain balanced no matter what situations are thrown at him. We often tend to face many adverse situations in our life, these situations are usually brought up to us to test our inner patience and peace of mind. However, most of us tend to break down against those troubles and find us helpless to come out of such adverse situations. If we take an example from Rama's life we will find that he also faced a bundle of adverse situations in his life, first of all he was exiled from his own kingdom for 14 years. He went to live into the jungle along with his newlywed wife and brother, there he faced further adversities and even his wife was kidnapped.
To rescue his wife, he had to gather an army and attacked Lanka, killing many people in the process and then got with his wife once again. However, his problems didn't end there and due to some political situations and misunderstandings he was forced to send his wife into the jungle again.
Still, he is worshipped because during all these adverse situations, he never lost his inner peace and kept his state of mind at peace.

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