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How to Balance the Spiritual and the Material? | Sadhguru

Published on 22 Mar 2018 / In Spiritual

How should one balance the spiritual process and the materialistic aspects of life? Sadhguru says, live your materialistic life as if you will die today. Live your spiritual life like you are eternal.

Sadhguru Talsk @ Darshan, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Nov 2010



Sadhguru: Once you walk the spiritual path, this question and this struggle of how much of spiritual process should I do and how much of whatever is called as life I should do? And for most people the struggle is - when they are involved in their day-to-day… day-to-day materialistic functions of life, they will long for the spiritual process. If you give them a spiritual process, they will long to go back to their materialistic way of life. So how much of what or how should I do these two things? You should do… You should do your materialistic life… When we say materialistic, that which concerns and satisfies one’s physical body and one’s mind is materialistic life. It’s not right to divide this, but anyway invariably people divide it. So that which satisfies your body and your mind, how much of it you should do or how you should do means - you must do it like you are going to live for ever. How much or how I should do my spiritual process – you must do it like today is your last day. Mhmm? Hmm? Hmm? Which way is it? (Laughter) No.

On a certain day a hunter caught a little bird, a tiny little bird, and he was about to take its life, then the little bird said, ‘You have caught and eaten many far bigger animals in your life, but it has not satisfied your hunger. Me, a little bird, this much I am, what can I do for you? So why kill me? If you allow me to live I’ll give you three invaluable teachings with which your life will be phenomenally rich. One teaching I will give you when I am still in your hand. The second teaching I will give you when I sit upon the roof of your house. The third teaching I’ll give you when I sit on top of that tree.’ Then the hunter thought about it, looked at this little bird, it doesn’t even work as an appetizer - too small!

So he said, ‘Okay, give me the teaching.’ The first teaching that the bird gave is, ‘Does not matter who, whatever pronouncements they make, don’t ever believe it.’ Took off from his hand, went and sat of… (on?) top of the roof, and then it said, ‘You fool, you let me go. Do you know who I am? Within my belly I have a diamond which weighs five ounces.’ Then the man started wailing about his misfortune, ‘Oh such a huge diamond I let it go, what a fool I am!’ Then the bird said, ‘You are definitely a fool. I already told you never believe any pronouncements made by anybody, whoever they may be. See, I weigh just two ounces, how can I have a diamond five ounces in my belly, you fool? So the second teaching is, ‘Never look back and regret at anything that is past,’ and then flew and went and sat on top of the bird (tree?).’ The man started screaming and wailing, ‘No, I missed the diamond. Now you’re telling me not to regret. You fooled me.’ Then the bird went and sat there and waited. Then he recovered, ‘Okay never regret for what has happened. Okay, tell me what's the third teaching?’ The bird said, ‘Anyway you did not listen to the first two. What is the use of the third? Never waste your energies and wisdom upon those who don’t listen. (Laughs) That’s the third teaching’ and flew away.

Now whatever I say (Gestures to show assertion), it's not going to work. Now your materialistic life, you must live it as if you’re going to die today. Your spiritual life you must do it that you are eternal. Not the other way round. Don’t say this (Gestures assertion) to everything. ‘No Sadhguru, whatever you say.’ (Laughter) That’s not true. If that is really true, that you have become like this, that there is no value for reason in your life, you have become a devotee and there is no value for reason. Then all these teachings no good, don’t bother, just… You know, when we were doing the Wholeness Program, the 90-day program...

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