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Sadhguru Explains What Fear Is to the Management Students at IIM #UnplugWithSadhguru

Published on 04 Oct 2018 / In Spiritual

Sadhguru explains fear he says fear is always about what may happen and what may not, our fear is always about the thing that doesn't exist in the present and this occurs because our mind is not in our control. Sadguru gives a piece of advice to the management student to first learn to manage your mind and then go out to manage the industries.
Then he relates it to a real-life story, let's say you don't know how to ride a bicycle but you take it off the stand and start paddling and it starts to roll and then speeds up at this time we're experiencing fear and terror he explains that it doesn't mean bicycle produced the terror it's just because we don't know how to ride it, then further he tells us that problem is with the education system it doesn't teach us how to manage ourselves and tries to teach how to manage the world.
So first try to manage yourself then go out to manage the world.

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