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New Year's Resolution for your Spiritual Growth

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 28 Dec 2018 / In Spiritual

What is your new year's resolution for 2019? This year you can resolve to commit to spiritual growth and improve on your existing relationship with the all mighty. Sounds boring? But it is actually not! This is the one resolution that will have a positive effect on every area of your life, it will help you with your growth. You will grow in wisdom, understanding, and relationship with the creator of the universe, the almighty God, who is the Word personified. Be encouraged and take interest in what ever you do because this year you will become more aligned to God's ways and walk more peacefully ; fully engulfed in your true purpose, the purpose for that you were specifically created for.
If you want to connect with the supreme force, in a better way, then you should strive for a greater extent of spiritual connection with the almighty God. This could act as your new spiritual awakening, and the new year is just the right time to start up on a journey that will take you to a new level of spirituality.
So, if you also want to grow spiritually, then you should at least once watch this video.

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