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How To Find Your Path? | by Jay Shetty

Published on 06 Aug 2018 / In Motivational

In this Motivational video, Jay Shetty shares that he has seen many people with successful careers, successful jobs, beautiful partners but they possess a lack of fulfilment and purpose in their life. Further, fast forward your life from where you are to 15 and 20 years and ask yourself that "Is that where I want to be?" and if the answer is no then you gonna need to change your path because success without satisfaction or fulfilment is the ultimate failure so choose your path wisely think twice. Then he adds that we meet people just like us most of the time but if you want to be a billionaire start spending time with a billionaire, so get surrounded by the types of peoples you want to become. In today's world, we live in the perception of a perception of ourselves.

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