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How To Read A Book A Day | Weekly Wisdom by Jay Shetty

Published on 10 Jun 2018 / In Motivational

How To Read A Book A Day | Weekly Wisdom by Jay Shetty
In this motivational video, Jay Shetty shares that how he is able to read one book per day and the benefits associated with reading a book. Then he shares that the mega-rich and successful like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and many more devote extraordinary amounts of their time to read books.
The first thing one must do before reading the book is that check out the TED talk or YouTube video about the book this will allow you to judge whether you still want to read the book or not.
Secondly, highlight the sections of your interest in the table of content, only pick the chapters which you really want to dig into. one part of the book that particularly worth reading is chapter 1 because it contains useful information about how to read the book.
Further, in this video, he shares tricks to speed up your reading and recommends to write down your 3S of every chapter.

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