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Buddha Purnima: How Gautama Became a Buddha | Sadhguru

Published on 22 Aug 2018 / In Motivational

In this video, Sadhguru shared how Gautama became Buddha, May 10th is a special Purnima or a special full moon day because this is the day Gautama the Buddha got enlightened. Further Sadhguru revealed that there are many aspects to Buddha's life he was a prince of a small princely state but when he was kid some yogi predicted that this boy will either become a great emperor or become a great sage, after this prediction his father was in fear as he did not want his son to become a great sage, so he decided he will not expose his son to suffering or misery because he feared that he may turn into a sage so he kept him in utter pleasure. He kept him in a palace secluded from the rest of the society Where he lives in pleasure never exposed to any kind of suffering. But after some time Gautama found out the truth and left his palace.

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