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How to Stay Healthy | satsang by gurumaa

Published on 11 Jul 2018 / In Satsang

How to Stay Healthy by Gurumaa
In this video, Gurumaa shares some very simple things which we can do to stay fit and disease-free, these guidelines will help you to live a healthy wealthy and wise life.

Our body is a gift, a blessing from God. It is a temple dedicated to discovering our higher aim, our divine purpose in life. It is like a car we drive which takes us to our destination -- our true home. Just as we keep a temple spic and span both inside and outside, we need to keep this body-temple too clean and tidy from within as well as without. The body responds to our loving care by being strong, fit and vibrant. Our mind too becomes pure and calm when we start to clean out the mental and physical garbage accumulated inside.

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