How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Body?

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 20 May 2019 / In Spiritual

People often complain now days, that there is not enough time for them to do every day's tasks, sometimes, people also complain of being low on energy to perform some thing. But, the truth is whether you feel that you are low on energy or have less time, the truth is you are filled with negative energy. Negative energy forces a person, to become less productive.
Now, first of all let us know, what actually negative energy is? How is it generated? And how can one get rid of it?
Negative Energy, generates whenever a person, harbors any kind of negative or damaging thoughts in his mind, whenever a person thinks of doing something bad, causing some one harm or hurting someone. Whenever any wrong deed is performed then an energy surge consumes the body, this is the surge of negative energy.
This negative energy is harmful for the body and as well as the mind of the person, as this negative energy causes the person to quit up on the daily tasks and focus only on bad things, which ultimately leads to inability of doing daily stuff.
So, whenever one is thinking of harming someone, they are actually damaging their own self.
In this video BK Shivani tells, how to remove negative energy.

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