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Power of Positive Thinking | How to Stop Negative Thoughts & Feelings? By Sandeep Maheshwari

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 13 Mar 2019 / In Motivational

The power of positivity is that it can help one to move even fiercest of the fears back. Negative thoughts and Positive thoughts both come to our minds throughout the day. What are our surroundings or what situations we face in our day to day lives strongly determine our behavior and thinking. Many people have a positive approach towards life while at the same time others have a negative approach. It is the same as the half full and half empty glass situation. A pessimist views everything in a negative way, while an optimist views every situation in life in a positive way. When you have a positive mindset towards life, then each and every situation appears beautiful, every new opportunity fills up with enthusiasm and helps you gain an extra edge of energy for yourself that ultimately helps you to conquer the problems in life. However, one can never ignore the possibility of the negativity in life; when some situations go against our will, then we tend to adopt a negative approach , some situations destroy our mental peace, when that is destroyed we tend to think, in an irrational way, which ultimately leads to negative results as well. So, in this video we discuss the power of positive thinking in one’s life.

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