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SHIV GAYATRI MANTRA | Keep Away the Negative Energy | Extremely Powerful Miracle Mantra

Published on 18 Aug 2019 / In Religous

An Extremely Powerful Mantra for keeping away all the negative energies away. This Shiva Gayatri Mantra is also a mantra for peace!! This Particular Version repeats for 108 Times. And makes it so much powerful. This Mantra guards us, protects us from all the evil and negativity. We recommend to meditate daily along with this mantra for good results for full 108 Chants.

Get a Quiet Place, Prepare yourself for meditating along with this Mantra, and chant along. The pace of the mantra helps in calming the breath and bringing peace inside. The Full Mantra is given below.

FULL MANTRA and its Meaning

Om Mahadevaya Vidmahe Rudramurtaye Dhimahi
Tannah Shivah Prachodayat॥

ॐ महादेवाय विद्महे रुद्रमूर्तये धीमहि
तन्नः शिवः प्रचोदयात्॥

Om, Let me meditate on the great Lord,
Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect,
And let God Shiva illuminate my mind.

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