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Maha Sudarshana Mantra - Explanation | Most Powerful Mantra to Eliminate Negativity and Evil Eye|

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Published on 28 Jul 2020 / In Lessons

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The derivation of the word Sudarshana is from two Sanskrit words, "Su" meaning auspicious and "Dharshana" meaning vision. Hence, the word Sudharshana translates to "auspicious vision" or "divine vision". According to Hinduism, the Sudarshana chakra is not only a weapon of destruction. Devotees also believe that the chakra clears the path to attaining salvation. The Sudharshana chakra has 108 blades. The blades find the evil and destroy them. As a result, this chakra is the most powerful among all of Lord Vishnu's weapon. The disc also generates a lot of heat as it is an aspect of Lord Agni. According to the Vaishnavaites, Sudarshana Chakra is not just the representation of Lord Vishnu, it is also an object worthy of worship.

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem
Krishnaaya Govindaaya
Gopeejana Vallabhaya
Paraya Param Purushaaya Paramathmane
Para Karma Manthtra Yanthra Tanthra
Oushadha Astra Shastrani
Samhara Samhara Mrithiyur Mochaya Mochaya
Ayur Vardhaya Vardhaya Shatru Nashaya Nashaya
Om Namo Bhagavathey
Maha Sudarshanaya
Deepthrey Jwala Pareethaya
Sarwa Digkshobhanakaraye
Hum Phat Para Bhrahmaney
Param Jyothishe Swaha

O Lord Krishna, you are the protector and controller of the universe. You are also supreme being and the beloved of the gopikas. O Paramathma, protect me from all sorts of evils. You are the Lord who has the entire world in his hands. You are also the one who holds the Sudarshana chakra and destroys the evil in all eight directions. I now completely surrender myself to you."

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