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How an Insecure Girl Became the Hollywood Sensation | Life Story of Brie Larson - Captain Marvel

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 13 May 2019 / In Inspirational

When Brie Larson was a child, she was home schooled by her parents. She was very close with her mother, but was painfully shy and suffered from social anxiety. She always struggled to make friends and felt like an outsider. She was worried about being different. When she was 7, Brie Larson experienced a traumatic period of her life when her parents got divorced. After her dad asked for divorce and left her mother shattered, Brie’s very dysfunctional relationship with her father began and still lasts. Soon after the divorce, Brie, her sister and her mother moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her acting career. They were very poor and lived in a very small apartment. The defining role of her career came in 2015 with the movie "Room. For Brie Larson, Her career path wasn't easy. She had a difficult childhood, was insecure and broke almost her entire life.
But, she never gave up and that was the attitude that helped her win over the world, creating a place in Hollywood is not easy especially for a child like her, who had a tough past. Brie kept trying and ultimately got a chance to star in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame, the two highest grossing movies of 2019.

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