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Focus Determines Your Reality Especially For Students By Sandeep Maheshwari

Published on 07 Apr 2018 / In Motivational

In my experience, focus is the most important determination of whether you’ll achieve a goal or stick to creating a new habit. Not self-discipline, not rewards, not sheer willpower, not even motivation (also an important ingredient, however). If you can maintain your focus on a goal or habit, you will more often than not achieve that goal or create that habit.
There is no limit to the power of the human mind. we can do anything and everything if we remain focused.
Our focus drives everything in our lives. When we are able to focus our attention toward a particular task by prioritising what's truly important to us, we can have a significant impact in a minimal amount of time.
What thoughts we focus on we FEEL, therefore our thoughts have a direct effect on our emotions.
What we focus on and feel we attract in our lives. Our destiny is consistently shaped by our thoughts.

Focus on one course until successful !
That’s it. Focus on one course until you are successful. Then once successful you can branch out and go down other course but until that time focus on one. One course. Not one and a half not one and one quarter but one. Focus on one thing and one thing only until you have achieved success in that area and then and only then can you move and focus on something else.

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