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Wise Master and The Lazy Donkey | Animated Story

Anshika Gupta
Published on 03 Oct 2018 / In Motivational

This video contains a moral story once upon a time there was a man named Bhola who owns a donkey Khandya. Bhola is a very hard-working and kind master whereas the donkey was lazy and always try to avoid work.
One day while returning with loads Khandya accidentally falls in the river. He realized that due to the falling weight of the sacks decreased as the salt got dissolved in the water.

After that, in the next few days, the donkey falls into the water deliberately every day. Due to this Bhola lost a great amount of money and was also afraid of the life of his donkey so he tried several ways to avoid this by changing his route, but at last, he decides to teach Khandya a lesson.

To teach him a lesson the next day instead of the usual salt bags he loads the donkey with bags of cotton, he was unaware of this unusual change. Like every day the donkey falls into the water and gets the bags wet, due to cotton the weight increased and the load was unbearable after that his master also starts beating him.
In the end, the donkey learnt his lesson and start behaving properly.

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