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The real life story of The Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 05 Feb 2019 / In Inspirational

Being a part of one of the most successful film franchises of Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. is popular all across the world as the Iron Man. He potrays the character of Iron Man or Anthony Howard 'Tony' Stark, in the Marvel film franchise and is loved by millions of the fans all around the globe. He is one of the most influential people on the globe owing to revolutionising roles of Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes, etc. How ever, the things are not as simple as they seem to others, the same thing applies in the life of Robert Downey Jr. as well, he is a super star today, loved and respected as Iron Man, how ever, he faced many ups and downs in his life. There were points where he fell real low, but one thing that made him what he is today is his will. His will to survive, his will to never give up, his will to fight.
In the words of Robert Downey Jr.:
"Remember that just because you hit bottom doesn't mean you have to stay there."
So, in this really motivational video, we present before you the real life story of Robert Downey Jr. or the Iron Man.

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