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The Ramayana : Important Life Lessons from Ramayana

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 13 Mar 2019 / In Satsang

Ramayana is one of the religious books of the Hindu mythology. It tells about the life of Lord Ram on earth, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram was born on the earth during the Treta Yuga and is known for his bravery and idealism. Lord Rama taught us many important characters in life and also how to remain dutiful, no matter what the conditions may be. His incarnation was meant to free the earth from the clutches of the Rakshasa Clan, whose king was Raavana. In Ramayana, it is beautifully described that how; Lord Ram portrays his responsibility as an ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and an ideal warrior as well. The crown prince of Ayodhya was exiled from the throne for 14 years in a forest along with his wife and younger brother, by his stepmother. He then loses his wife, Sita to the king of Rakshasa clan, Raavana as well. The epic Ramayana discusses on the journey of Ram and how he managed to win back his wife and returned happily to his kingdom after facing an exile.
The book, also enlightens us on various occasions, this video discusses about five important life lessons, one can learn from the Ramayana.

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