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7 Difficult But Simple Buddhist Habits That Will Change Your Life

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 30 May 2019 / In Spiritual

Buddhism is a religion, which is gaining popularity day by day. This religion is different than others and follows a different path of spirituality and self consciousness. There are many instances where some inexplicable phenomenon of self control and peacefulness.
Their whole philosophy revolves around the idea of reducing suffering. That philosophy may seem alien to you and nearly impossible, but the truth is it leads to higher happiness.
So, have you ever wondered, that why the Buddhist monks who live in monasteries seem to lead such a peaceful way of life, all that secret lies in the philosophy that they follow, which was given by Mahatma Gautam Buddha, himself thousands of years ago. These ways although given centuries ago, are effective even today and are the main reasons; people are beginning to follow the religion of Buddhism in large numbers. Here in this video we present before you, the 7 main philosophies that the Buddhists follow in order to keep and maintain a peaceful and self sufficient way of leading a life, away from all worries and tension.
1. Simplify
2. Give
3. Meditate
4. Follow The Wise
5. Accept Mindfulness as a Way of Life
6. Embrace Change
7. Live in the moment

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