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Laghu Ramayan | Full Story of the Holy Ramayan in 20 Minutes

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 28 May 2019 / In Satsang

Ramayana, is a Holy book of the Hindus and is considered an epic according to Hindu mythology, it focuses on the journey of Lord Rama, who is actually an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth. Lord Vishnu, one of the Tridevs incarnated as Lord Rama, during the Treta Yuga, to set the earth from the injustices of the demon King of Lanka, known as Lankapati Raavana, who was himself an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, another Tridev as per the Hindu mythology. Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya. King Dashratha and his first wife Kaushalya, were lord Ram's parents. Rama was the eldest among the four princes of Ayodhya, namely Rama, Lakshamana, Bharata and Shatrughana.
Rama is known for his best character (Maryada Puroshottam) and obedience of all the rules, born in the Raghukul clan, he followed the principle of giving more importance to promises.

Raghukul reet sadaa chali aayi, praan jaayi par vachan naa jaayi.

Lord Rama went on for 14 years banishment in the jungles, giving up the throne of Ayodhya along with his wife, Sita and younger brother Laskmana. During, his stay in the jungle, Rama, Lakshamana and Sita protected many saints and killed many devils.
However, when Sita was kidnapped by the demon king of Lanka, Raavana; Rama, Lakshamana along with Vaanar Sena (Army of Monkeys) which included Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angad, Vibhishana, Jaamvanta and many others attacked Lanka to free Sita.

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