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Real Life Motivational Story of Abraham Lincoln | The journey from Poverty to White House

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 04 Apr 2019 / In Motivational

Abraham Lincoln, who was a self taught lawyer, a legislator and a rather vocal opponent of slavery, served the term as a United States president during the outbreak of the Civil War. Lincoln proved to be a sharp military strategist and a savoir faire leader. In April 1865, with the Union on the brink of victory, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a Confederate sympathizer named John Wilkes Booth.
Abraham Lincoln’s subsequent death made him a martyr to the cause of abolition of slavery from the country of United States of America. He is considered the man behind the abolition of Slavery.
Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th president for the United States of America, worked hard for the abolition of Slavery. He was one of the greatest president’s in the history of United States. However, the life was not very easy for him, his journey from a poor kid of United States to the 16 th president of the country, is truly an inspiring one. In this really motivational video, we present before you the life story of Abraham Lincoln, the man who rose from nothing to become the President of the one of the most powerful nations of the world, the United States of America.

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