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कुसंग कितना सूक्ष्म !! II 2 types of associations II Raseshwari Devi Ji || Braj Gopika Seva Mission

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

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There are 2 types of associations:
1) Satsang i.e. good association
2) Kusang i.e. bad association.
Now, we all are living in a world made of three gunas- Satvaguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna. For the time span, our mind is engrossed in the sweet remembrance of God & simultaneously we are performing worldly duties then it is known as "Satsang". However, if our mind is indulged in thinking about worldly affairs, and then we are carrying out our duties at office and at home then it is "Kusang".
Poojaniya Raseshwari Deviji explains in this video how microscopic this bad association is!! (कुसंग कितना सूक्ष्म !)
One can save himself from it only by being in continuous association of Guru.

Watch the video till end to understand what is Kusang and the remedies for it. (कुसंग क्या है कैसे बचे)

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