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भगवान और हमारा सम्बन्ध IIThe Real nature of the Soul! Aadhyatmic Samadhan Part3II Raseshwari DeviJi

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

Raseshwari Devi Ji Youtube channel publishes video 3 of the playlist 'Aadhyatmik Samadhan' - भगवान और हमारा सम्बन्ध IIThe Real nature of the Soul!
It deals with the two questions-
1. What is the real nature of the soul? जीव का वास्तविक स्वरुप क्या है?
2. What relationship an individual soul is having with Supreme Consciousness? भगवान और हमारा सम्बन्ध क्या है ?"
In response to this, Her Holiness explains quoting Chaitanya Mahaprabhu saying, "जीवेर स्वरुप होये कृष्णेर नित्य दास"(Jiver Swaroop Hoye Krishner Nitya Das).
There are five types of sentiments (bhav) in which a devotee worships Shri Krishna. But in all types of sentiments (bhav), he has to serve his beloved God and that is the real nature of the soul - the eternal servant to Almighty God.

Aadhyatmic Samadhan is a series consisting of questions asked by aspirants and satsangis from different BGSM units. It helps a devotee to get the answers of their eternal quests and thus helps them in their spiritual progress.
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