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What are Ethics & Morals? Thoughts by Sister Jayanti | BoS - BK Sister Jayanti Episode 3

Brahma Kumaris
Published on 05 Apr 2019 / In Lessons

Morals, Ethics & Spirituality : Sister Jayanti from Brahma Kumaris, tells what actually morals & ethics means.

She says, When we are in touch with our inner being, our conscience is awake and it guides us in the right direction.

But when we don’t do anything to make our mind quiet, We slowly slowly lose our moral compass and amorality becomes the norm of the day.

Our mind is like a chatter box in which millions of thoughts and information flow every time. In order to keep our moral compass on track we have to actually control our mind.

Production House: Godlywood Studio
Organizer: Brahmakumaris

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