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Watch This Video To Know The Secret Behind Real Happiness And Joy

Published on 11 Jan 2019 / In Motivational

In this video, Gaur Gopal Das shares a story that once a young beautifully dressed lady goes to a happiness counsellor and complained that she felt that her life is empty and has no meaning then the counsellor called the old lady who cleans the office floor and asked the old lady that how she founded her happiness, the old lady then told them that in a short span of three months she lost her husband and her only son life became meaningless to her then she realized that doing something good for someone keeps her happy and from then she started helping others and the people in need.
Further, Gaur Gopal das explains that helping others provide us with a deep sense of joy and fulfilment then he shares math of life which says that happiness multiplies when we divide what we have to serve others.

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