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SHUKAR DATEYA (Official Video) Prabh Gill & DesiRoutz by Immortal Productions

Published on 22 Mar 2018 / In Gurbanis

Available now worldwide on iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Google Play.


Immortal Productions present

SHUKAR DATEYA (Thank you Lord) by Prabh Gill & DesiRoutz

Beautiful vocals by Prabh Gill are paying gratitude to the Lord Waheguru. As we enter a new year we acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty. No matter whether we are Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian - we are children of that ONE and may we remember the Wondrous Creator with our every breath.

These are the foundation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings -
Naam Japna (recite God's name)
Kirt Karni (work hard for an honest living)
Vandh Shakna (share with others)

Music is produced by the talented DesiRoutz featuring violin by Raginder Momi aka Violinder. The lyrics are penned by Gurpreet Gill & Prabh Gill.

All projects by Immortal Productions are non-profit and run on a Seva basis. None of the artists receive any money from sales which all go back into Seva.

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Video by Frame Singh
Editor Gobind Puriya
D.O.P. Sunny Nar
Directed by Mohit Middha & Puneet Singh Bedi

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