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Zindagi - An Inspirational Poem in Hindi by Himeesh Madaan

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 24 Dec 2018 / In Inspirational

This beautiful poetry in Hindi, by Himeesh Madan, showcases the vitality and importance of forgiveness, spirituality, calmness and humility in the life of a human being. There are many instances where we come across people whom we don't hit off immediately; this may be because of their behavior towards us or many a times because of our own fears and prejudices, which do act as invisible boundaries around us that prevent us from seeing the positivity in other's mind. However, whatever be the situation, we usually find ourselves stuck with no option, but hold abundance of anger and feelings of revenge in our hearts, for that particular person.
However, we need to understand this very simple fact that actually holding grudges in our hearts for others, does no harm to them, instead it destroys us from inside, it directly attacks on our inner peace and make us restless. It is this kind of situation, in which we tend to forget the true meaning of life - that is forgiveness.
In his poem, Zindagi - Himeesh Madan showcases the importance of forgiveness and how it benefits us, how it helps us in improving our selves and turning ourselves into a better person.

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