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Why Do we Perform Shraaddh | By BK Shivani (Hindi)

Published on 07 Oct 2018 / In Spiritual

In this video, revered master BK Shivani talks about shraaddh, the word shraaddh comes from shardha which means devotion, devotion to god and our ancestors. She explains in the video the purpose behind performing Shraadh rituals.
Our existence is from our ancestors, so we owe to our forefathers. Once our parents die we owe so much to our parents. The only way to repay the debts to their souls is by performing the Shradh ceremony by this we can help them during their life after death. The shradh ceremony is the only way by which the forefathers receive what they wish, they are immensely pleased with those people performing the ceremony and therefore bless them from there.
When we remember our deceased ancestors (souls), we also need to remember what we carry-forward upon leaving the body - sanskars and karmic accounts.

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