How Sophie Turner Beat Depression And Became Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones

Vaaruni Agarwal
Published on 15 May 2019 / In Inspirational

Sophie Turner is part of the most famous TV show Ever - Game of thrones. Many girls would do anything to be where she is today. But sadly, in our heads things are seen very differently. Sophie's depression began when she was 17, four years into her role on GOT. She thinks that social media played a big part of her poor mental health, because people made terrible comments about her weight and her skin at the time and her self-esteem as a teenager was lower than ever. But Sophie took the matter in her own hands and asked for help. And step by step she's starting to feel better. People shouldn't be ashamed of it. So many people are plagued with depression, anxiety, or body issues, and so if people just spoke about it, if people would just like opened up to their friends even, their family, it would be OK. Other people suffer with it too. And all you do is you just have to speak to someone and you can get the help that you need, you can plague with therapy, or if it really comes down to it. Medication. You could change that; you could change that thing about yourself. People just need to know that it's OK to talk about it. If you keep it locked inside. It will destroy you. The best thing i did was just TALK about it.

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