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Great Sufi | Rumi | Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī | Mawlānā | Mevlânâ | Islamic life story by cartoon

Published on 22 Mar 2018 / In Sufism

The great master Rumi, quddisa sirruh, has told
hundreds of stories that are intertwined with one another.
His purpose has been to lead us into drawing lessons from
them through our spontaneous application of reason and
our construction of analogies. In other words, he has
succeeded in making subjects well beyond the reach of our
rational minds comprehensible in an experiential manner.
Consequently, his purpose transcends the mere transmission
of legends. He has explained this as follows:
“The purpose is to draw lessons from stories, not to
tell tales….”
Rumi, quddisa sirruh, conveys his admonitions, advice,
and warnings in the form of stories. Therefore, his desire is
for his audience to understand deeply the truth and spirit
underlying them.
O brother and sister! The story resembles the husk
while the meaning resembles the kernel of wheat inside it.
The intelligent person consumes and digests the
wheat, without being distracted by the husk!
Listen to the outer aspect of the story but make sure
that you know how to separate the wheat from the
My words are never pointless tales. Think about
them; they reflect our current state.
One may clearly understand from these

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