Craftivism | Activism for the Introverts

Dharmesh Patel
Published on 06 Sep 2018 / In Activism

In today’s world everyone should be an activist and in order for that to be true, each activist should be able to participate.
Traditional forms of activism that include protests, marches and door to door canvassing may not be suitable for all kinds of activists. They prove to be stressful and intimidating for the introverts amongst us.
Watch Sarah Corbett, an award winning campaigner, introduce you to “Craftivism”, a quieter form of activism that aims to change the world with deliberate, thoughtful actions that provoke reflection and respectful conversation instead of aggression and division. Craftivism is for everyone from skilled crafters to burnt out activists, and those people who want to challenge injustice in the world but don’t know what to do, where to start or how to prioritize their energies and time. She will not fail to keep you engaged while narrating her own success story regarding how craftivism led to huge changes.
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