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9 Characteristics of Divine Love II सच्चे प्रेम के नौ लक्षण II Raseshwari Devi Ji

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

Whenever anyone falls in deep selfless love of God, then there is manifestation of 9 characteristics of divine love in him.
These are:
1. Shivering of Body (आहे जर्दो )
2. Paleness of body (रंगे जर्दो )
3. Tears will continuously flow in the separation (चश्मेतर)
4. Always wait for the arrival of beloved God ( इंतजारी )
5. Hankering ( बेकरारी )
6. Impatient ( बेसबर )
7. Speaks very less ( कम गुफ़्तनो )
8. Eats very less ( कम खुरदनो )
9. Do not sleep ( ख्वाबे हराम )

Poojniya Raseshwari Deviji explains in detail about nine characteristics of true love. This real love can only be attained when one becomes humble like a blade of grass. It is only then that one is able to surrender to Hari - Guru completely and with their grace, the aspirant is able to divine love.

Key Takeaway Note: In order to attain true selfless divine love, we must develop humbleness inside us.
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