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रौंगटे खड़े हो जायेंगे | Motivational Video on Indian Army | Dr Vivek Bindra

Published on 24 May 2018 / In Motivational

In this video Dr Vivek Bindra talks about how brave soldiers of Indian Army put their life on risk to keep the people of nation safe. He puts light on yogendra singh yadav. Yadav was a part of the commando platoon 'Ghatak' , which was tasked to capture strategic bunkers on Tiger Hill. These bunkers were situated at the top of a 1000 foot high vertical cliff face covered by snow. It was a 90 degree climb, Yadav lead the assault and they climbed the cliff and installed ropes that helped other commandos to climb. In spite of been hit by three bullets Yadav climbed the remaining cliff and reached at the top. Though he was severely injured, he drag himself along to the first bunker and throw a grenade, killing four Pakistani soldiers and neutralizing enemy fire. This gave the rest of the commandos the opportunity to climb up the cliff and fight.
Yadav then fought with two of his fellow soldiers and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, killing four Pakistani soldiers. They subsequently succeeded in capturing Tiger Hill.

The Param Vir Chakra was announced for Yadav but it was soon discovered that he was recovering in a hospital.
Then he talks about Major General Ian Cardozo who was the first war-disabled officer of Indian army to command a battalion and a brigade.

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