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मनुष्य की तीन भ्रांत धारणा II 3 misconceptions of human beings II Raseshwari Devi Ji II BGSM

Raseshwari Deviji
Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Motivational

We human beings are well aware that the real and everlasting happiness is in God only, yet we do not move on the path of devotion. Why is it that our mind is moving in the worldly direction, opposite to God, though we know that our search for happiness can only end when we will attain God?
Poojaniya Raseshwari Deviji explains in this video the three misconceptions due to which we, human beings are incessantly searching for divine bliss in materialism!!!

In Bhagwat, it has been told by Vedvyas Ji that the ignorance which is there inside us, is because of the Maya. The 3 misconceptions of human beings are:
1. Anitya
2. Annatma
3. Dukheshu.
Her Holiness, Poojaniya Deviji explains that this situation can only be solved when intellect surrenders itself to such a personality which will show it the right path of happiness. And that personality is "Guru". So that's why it is being told do not consider Guru as only Guru, but consider Him more than your soul, the devotion towards Him should be equivalent to the devotion done towards your diety.

Watch the video till the end to understand the topic clearly.
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